Our Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the WelcomeHomeSF Enterprise

Our Ten Year Mission:

To actualize ONE THOUSAND Home Ownership Dreams!

To vacation exploring new-to-us civilizations with family and friends.

To boldly mentor  emerging adults to fulfill dreams they own.


Our Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the WelcomeHomeSF Enterprise

Our Ten Year Mission:

To actualize ONE THOUSAND Home Ownership Dreams!

To vacation exploring new-to-us civilizations with family and friends.

To boldly mentor  emerging adults to fulfill dreams they own.

Surviving the pandemic was no easy feat!

Bound to shore for the duration we prepped for journeys to come.

Once quarantine was lifted, the younger Scouts explored many lands.

The crew gathered together at our JOASIS for a Friendsgiving gathering.
We laughed, enjoyed a meal, shared our favorite moments and toured the living gallery exhibition.

Andrea Swetland - AGENT 99 - Our Champion dedicated to her clients happiness and success!

Joe- CEO- CFO- Dishes- Laundry- Websites- Creative Marketing Wizard

The Glue that holds all of this together
If there is a job to be done… he will do it before asking others
He knows our true clients are the children and their vision for home and a future to wake up in!

Venus Taillant

Venus had quite the year! She began her senior year at Pepperdine University as the Vice President of marketing and merchandise for her sorority (Alpha Phi) as well as the creative director and founding member of the Pepperdine Real Estate Club. After spring semester, her and two friends bought one-way tickets to Europe. With intentions of seeing Italy, they hit the Amalfi coast, Florence, Rome (+ the Vatican) and Milan before deciding to see more. By the end of the trip they had visited Switzerland, Monaco (for the Grand Prix), Nice, Cannes, Lyon and Paris. Shortly thereafter, Venus went to Wisconsin and Chicago with her yorkie-mixed sidekick Luna. There she watched her boyfriend of six years Marcus Chiu play baseball for the Miami Marlins. This fall she moved from Malibu back to the Bay, to be closer to family. On November 23rd at 12:07 PM she surprised the world and welcomed a beautiful baby girl. At 7 pounds 4oz, 20 inches Aura Moon Chiu was the missing piece to their little family. To top it all off, in December she completed her Integrated Marketing and Communications degree at Pepperdine University. Go Venus !! We look forward to celebrating at her commencement ceremony April 2023.

Cassie Kim ’92 | Embracing Korean-American identity

From a 100-level Korean course at Miami to the traditions her family recognizes, the alumna shares how she’s helping bring awareness to Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Desi American heritage and culture at Miami

By Courtney O’Banion

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Ed is the kind of guy who’ll squeeze in your last minute holiday dinner party before the one he’s had planned all year. He’ll hold your meeting at Marina Green so you can knock out some squats while discussing the offer process. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty – yep that’s him atop the ladder touching up the paint on his new listing. If you’re looking for someone who’s patient, capable and experienced but also energetic and fun, call Ed!”

WelcomeHomeSF is all about family and these two ladies on our team are actually a Mother-Daughter Duo.

Stephanie is our buyer’s agent and Julianna is on the leasing/relocation side of the team.

They bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm and fun to our WelcomeHomeSF family.

Stephanie is a huge fan of cinema, Rock n’ Roll, photography and making videos.

Julianna likes to cook, bake and travel. One of her favorite foods is sushi!

Julian Vaca & Lune Whitlock

Julian and Lune celebrate four years together, and enjoy a fabulous home in Portland Oregon.
Both graduates of REED College they have enjoyed a year of not studying anything except their passions
Julian is a Senior Field Technician for Montrose Environmental which finds him in extraordinary environments.
Lune can be found at the Portland Open Air Craft Fair selling creative felting, prints and original art on weekends.
Proud owner of an IONIC5- They love camping and exploring the world together- Graduate School is on the horizon!

Simon Swetland- Our Soldier

After a brief stint at UOA- Simon opted for a tour of duty graduating from basic training in December of 2019.
He joined the Army Corp of Engineers
Honorably discharged after a 3 year tour, he was an E-4, part of the 11th Engineers in South Korea where he guarded the first Covid Quarantine center.
He enjoyed a year in Europe with the 1st Engineers Corp, primarily guarding trainloads of equipment traveling by military cargo train to Ukraine!
In January of 2023, after a fun vacation with family and elaborate college tours, Simon enrolled at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
He is head down and ready to tackle the books, mature, and healthy in mind, body and soul.

Making the most of his pandemic, Joell enrolled at Pepperdine University in Malibu and thoroughly enjoyed a semester abroad in London.
Traveling through England, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Greece and Switzerland. If he was not paragliding through the Alps,
or surfing the Pacific with his SIGMA PHI EPSILON brothers, he is pursuing his passion seeking an internship for Summer of 2023 in the Automotive World.
2024 will be his Senior year, he will proudly serve as the President of his fraternity while working for the University to rebuild the Alumni Association post Covid.
International Business is his game and he is rocking it!

Daniella Swetland AKA Gabriel Vaca

Daniella paints and creates under the pseudonym Gabriel- Exploring identity in Art – talent and intellect blend amazingly in this talented artist.
As a Junior at Marin School of the ARTS, D has her eyes set on exploring her creativity in Ireland and hopes to attend the Burren College of Art in rural Western Ireland in 2025.

Sebastian Sewell

Sebastian has stayed close to Home over the past few years.
He is enjoying his time with his crew at Ghiringehelli’s Restaurant in Novato and supports the everyday needs of our Team with Staging efforts on behalf of our clients.
Pictured here at the Bristlecone Pine forest in the Eastern Sierras

Dominic Gospodnetich

Dominic is responsible for bringing Joe’s creativity to life. He has been with WelcomeHomeSF since the beginning.
His graphic art capabilities and stable calm personality make us all look like superheroes. He has been enjoying travels and vacations with his partner Sai.
We look forward to many years in collaboration with Dom, he is one of the family!


We enjoyed a lovely journey to the Emerald Isle in June of 22. Inspired by Daniella’s quest for a safe place to create.
The best castle of all was Uncle Frank’s home on the country farm in Kerry.
We plan many more visits and with luck or talented artist will soon join her adopted Irish in-laws.
Top goals for 2023 is establishing Irish citizenship and planning more travel with family.